How to ensure perfect quality in Eastern Europe?

Rigorous selection of partner factories and strict control is indispensable

On the technical front, the operators from most of the factories boast of a very high technical level. However in reality, only 10% of the factories in Eastern Europe are capable of managing a project, and only with a professional project management coming from us.

1)      A meticulous selection of factories

We select the factory for you, based on the 5 ctriteria mentioned below:

-          Our experience

-          Whether ISO 9001 2008 standards are applied daily and are regularly checked

-          Whether the client is present in the following sectors: Germany, Nuclear, aeronautics, automobile

-          Their motivation for your project

-          Proximity to our inspectors

2)      A local daily follow up on each project, quality and time frame

Most of our inspectors are TÜV certified

TÜV is the German standards and testing organisation. They therefore have a rigorous and independent inspection approach.

All deviations from the standards are signalled to us and are also submitted to you in writing to accept or reject.

You will regularly receive:

-          A progress report (please see the example below)

-          Quality control reports (please see example below)

In case of need of 3.1 certification, we work closely with Bureau Veritas, SGS, TÜV, or any other official certification companies

Our inspectors have the capacity to perform the following non-destructive tests (NDT):

  • Visual inspections
  • Dye penetrant inspections
  • Radiographic testing
  • Magnetoscopic testing
  • Hydraulic testing


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