The industry is globalising: you can take advantage of this

L'industrie se mondialise - TechniSourcing source sur l'Europe de l'Est

This development comes from a globalized industry

For many years now, sub-contracting in Eastern Europe is consistently growing and developing, particularly in MTC for the following reasons:

  • The MTC industries are still highly predominant in these countries economies, guaranteeing the expertise of the industrial sector, efficient highly trained young workers, thriving companies in constant growth.
  • The German model is not German but in fact Eastern European. For 15 year now, German companies have understood that their development would come from an aggressive strategy of top-quality subcontracting in Eastern Europe. This strategy has brought them growth, results as well as top level local employment. Therefore, certain zones of Eastern Europe have developed German quality of production systems. The standard of production that can be found achieves quality rarely found in France.  
  • China is losing its aura, considering the recent price hike, repetitive quality issues, large minimum quantities. Often there are communication issues, technical terms not exactly having the same meaning.                                                                                      

However, Western European MTC companies need to buy at competitive and stable prices. Therefore, Eastern Europe is developing, without you.

The TechniSourcing unique structure and the presence of our collaborators in Eastern Europe helps you to cease this opportunity. We deliver to you the best European quality in 100% variable costs.

Created Wednesday 29 May 2013