An experienced management of mechanical welding, sheet metal working and boiler making professions

The Mechanical welding, the sheet metal and boiler making in East Europe: TechniSourcing’s playground

15 years of experienced management

TechniSourcing was founded in 2008 by François HUET, after 15 years of career as General Director of Michelin’s Group subsidiaries, and 11 years as chairman of the French subsidiary of a Dutch industrial B to B group.

The local partners of TS in the source countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Portugal) have 15 to 25 years of leadership experience in the industrial environment.

A transparent subcontracting

They have a strong technical culture, they speak French fluently, and you can be in direct contact with them as often as you wish it.

In view of their ‘pedigree’ and of the volume achieved by TS, they address themselves systematically to the chairmen of the source companies.

The guarantee of success

The implication of the whole staff guarantees the global quality of your project.

Locally, our teams have the exact structure as the one in France: Direction, Project managers, BE, sales administration.

More for you: We reply instantly to all your questions!

Let us convince you, let’s talk about your project

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