TechniSourcing guaranties your Mechanical welding, Sheet metal working, Boiler making subcontracting.

With TechniSourcing you have very low costs and you handle your file as if you confine your subcontracting to your neighbor.

You order with TechniSourcing, company based in Lyon

  1. TechniSourcing pays itself based on its gross profit margin. No study fees.
  2. TechniSourcing is technically, financially and legally responsible.
  3. If you wish, you may have direct access to the factory for any technical questions.
  4. If you wish, under certain conditions, we can put you in direct business relationship with the manufacturer.

A park of factories and executives that we know very well

Audit based selection of the best factories by our local correspondents.

This process is impossible through Internet, and randomly made on the spot by generally overworked buyers.

According to TechniSourcing, the best factories are those which combine the following characteristics.

  • Leading technologies at Western standards
  • Loyalty
  • Direct relationship  with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Humanitarian policy of staff management and health at work
  • Optimum management of the process for a perfect replication
  • Efficient quality control system
  • Compliance with environmental standards

For example, in Romania, there are approximately 1500 metallurgical factories. A remote selection, even if confirmed by an on-the-site visit, is a bet.

Can your company base its future on this kind of bet?

The local TechniSourcing correspondents remove the uncertainties of your subcontracting.


In our park of selected factories, you have your subcontractor for the long term.

Among this selection, we choose your long-term subcontractor, based on the following criteria:

  • The technologies used for your product
  • Target price for your products
  • Instantly adaptive, easy and fast communication
  • On the spot confirmation from your engineers and buyers

Once at the stage of active subcontracting, the mere presence on-site of our correspondents and inspectors, maintains a very efficient and friendly pressure.

An example of active management in our park of factories:

In 2012, we have delivered to one of our major clients 35 trucks with tubular mechanical wielding components at very precise standards from one of the exceptionally productive factories. The client was extremely satisfied and he communicated the contact details of TechiSourcing to all the subsidiaries of his company.

One of them consulted us when, following an audit for another of our clients, we have found a new factory even more productive, at ISO Quality. We will, of course, make them use of this new factory, untraceable at distance.

A close monitoring and a permanent reporting from your factory

Trusting is good, checking is better!

Once in current production, we enforce daily the quality plan that we have initially defined.

Our TÜV certified inspectors will send you quality-control and progress reports in French or English.

  • See an example of Sample-based control
  • Foregoing, an example of quality-control report.

Exemple de rapport de contrôle qualité - garantie TechniSourcing

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Rapport d'avancement 340 Kilo bytes
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