TechniSourcing guarantees your Mechanical welding, Sheet metal working, Boiler making subcontracting.

With TechniSourcing, you benefit from low costs and we will treat your file and subcontracting as if it were our own.

Ordering from TechniSourcing, a company based in Lyon

  1. No additional fees : the price you get on our offer is the final one. 
  2. TechniSourcing is technically, financially and legally responsible.
  3. If you require, you have direct access to the source factory for all your technical questions.
  4. If you require it, subject to certain conditions, we can put you in direct contact with the manufacturer to develop a commercial relationship.

Manufacturing parks and directors that we have an excellent relationship with

The best factories selected through audits by our local collaborators.

These transactions are impossible via internet, they can often be operated by random buyers who are generally overwhelmed.

TechniSourcing believes, the best factories are those with the following characteristics:

  • Western levels of Technology  
  • Loyalty
  • Direct relationship with the Managing Director (CEO)
  • A humane managing of personnel and health regulations
  • A good management of processes for a perfect repeat production
  • Effective quality control system
  • Respecting environmental regulations

For example, in Romania, there are 1500 metalworking factories. Therefore the selection of a factory from afar, even confirmed with a site visit, would be considered a bet.

Would you want the future of your company to depend on a bet?

The local TechniSourcing collaborators eliminate the risk involved in subcontracting.

Within our selected industrial parks there will be a subcontractor for you for the long term.

Amongst this selection, we choose your subcontractor for the long term, according to the following requirements:

  • Technologies needed for you product
  • Target price of your product
  • Instantaneous, easy, and confident communication
  • Validation by your engineers and buyers on site

Once the subcontracting phase is active, the presence of our collaborators and inspectors on site, maintains an effective friendly pressure.

An example of our active management in our industrial parks:

We recently delivered 35 lorries of composite tubular mechanical welding conforming to very precise specifications to one of our large clients, sourced from one of our particularly productive partner factories. The client was deeply satisfied and shared our details to the entirety of their subsidiaries.

One of the subsidiaries consulted us, at which moment, we found them a new factory even more productive, at iso-quality standards. We enabled them to benefit from this new factory, one which would have been impossible to find without our expertise.

A focused quality control and permanent reporting from your factory

Having confidence is good, having control is better!

Once the production is underway, we apply the daily high-quality plan we set out from the start.

Our inspectors, TÜV certified, send you quality control reports in advance in English or in French.

  • See an example of sample testing
  • See an example of quality audits

Exemple de rapport de contrôle qualité - garantie TechniSourcing

Our factories are certified to the following fabrication codes & standards:

  • Pressure Equipment Regulation TUV Bayern
  • European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC
  • DESP
  • EN 13445
  • AD 2000-Merkblatt  HPO
  • TRD 201 and EN ISO 3834-2
  • ASME 8 and 9
  • GOST (For Russian influenced zones)
  • ATEX
  • MD Machines
  • LVD Low voltage
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