Mechanical welding, metal sheet works, cylindrical metal works (Boiler making) executed with a clear methodical process

TechniSourcing systematically uses a 6-step process based on 15 years of MTC (Mechanical welding, metal sheet works, cylindrical metal works) experience.

Our process stays the same:



A selection of  low cost products

  • A maximum of cutting, bending, welding gives a maximum price deviation
  • If the products have little of the above-mentioned, however the products are ‘very stackable’, we give a favorable price deviation.
  • The grand majority of technologies are available
  • Control availability for rare alloys


Validation of the standard technical conditions


  • Do you have the dwg or pdf plans of your mecano-welded part? If so, you get a quick and accurate scoring.
  • Which certificates do you need? Material certification 3.1 or 2.2? ISO 9001, ISO 14000?
  • Which are your particular specifications? Stress relief? Surface protection? Painting specifications? 3D laser control?
  • Validation of the manufacturing process
  • Agreement on the control plan
  • Manufacturer proposition


Validation of the standard commercial conditions

  • Which is your target-price? Set your current price of your mecano-welded components: -20% repaid.
  • Analysis of the value: do not penalize the price with features which you do not need
  • Presentation of the TechnoSourcing payment conditions
  • Delivery lots
  • Packaging
  • Documents
  • Reporting level definition (Weekly? Pictures? Reports?)



  • Once the price confirmed and accepted, we move on to the prototype phase.
  • Delivery deadline identical to that of a prototype made in France.


Confirmation process and control plan

  • At the factory or at our headquarters
  • Possible details. Permanent closure of the process
  • Validation of the control plan


Current start-up

  • Shipping of the first production
  •  Logistical optimization
  • Sample control
  • Feeding back information
  • Possible technical propositions

  Our method is the quality standard which guaranties the quality of the results.

To go forward on the TechniSourcing method

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