Grandstands, scaffoldings, racks and rails

The best Eastern European factory for grandstands, scaffolding, racks and rails.

For many years now, we have been working with the best scaffolding factory in Eastern Europe.

This same factory equally has at its disposal a high-performance division specialised in metallic racks and rails.

Our clients:

  • London Olympic games 2012, Rio 2016
  • Commonwealth games 2016
  • Formula one Grand Prix, France & Belgium
  • Various sporting event stadiums

Our fields of activity:

  • Scaffolding and guard rails
  • Offshore platforms and refineries
  • Nuclear (CEA qualification, non-contaminable painting, Frozio supervision)
  • Naval
  • Airspace
  • Aeronautics
  • Chemical and petrochemical installations


TechniSourncing’s plus sides:

We will handle the documentation, no matter how complex it might be. Also, our TechniSourcing inspector is on site every day to follow up the project with regards to time frame, quality, and documentation.


Our welders are certified EN 287 and ISCIR.

Metallic racksMetallic racks
Rugby stadiumRugby stadium
EchafaudageScaffolding works
ÉchafaudageScaffolding works 2
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