TechniSourcing, specialised in stainless steel tanks

The more complex the tank, the more TechniSourcing helps you to widen the gap

We regularly send stainless steel tanks to the different domains in the industry:

  • Stainless steel tanks for wine cultivating (can be split into compartments, with or without cooling systems, …). Turnkey installations.
  • Stainless steel tanks for the food industry (single hull, double hull, ...)
  • Pressurised stainless steel tanks up to 30 bar with a thickness of 30mm
  • Stainless steel tanks for the pharmaceuticals industry (Sanofi) and the cosmetics industry, double/triple hull, with agitation, mirror finishing

Our certifications:

  • Pressure Equipment Regulation TUV Bayern,Cuve Pharma TechniSourcing
  • European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC
  • AD 2000-Merkblatt  HPO
  • TRD 201 and EN Iso 3834-2
  • ASME 8 and 9

Materials :

Stainless steel grades; 304, 304L, 316, 316L, …

Other stainless steel types are available on demand.

Our equipement:

  • CNC laser cutter
  • CNC roller
  • TIG/MIG welding robots
  • Polishing robots
  • Extruded nozzles

Guaranteed for you:

  • Material certification type 2.2 or 3.1 coming from the largest steelmakers in the world
  • Our clients : Danone, Nestlé, Suez, Ariane, Otub, Sanofi, …


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