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TechniSourcing, technologie et matériaux en Europe de l'Est

TechniSourcing arranges the technology that you require

The local TechniSourcing collaborators are top managers with strong technical backgrounds. This TechniSourcing trait has a

double impact:

1. They are in direct communication as equals with the management of the selected factories

2. Their technical knowledge allows them to prudently choose the right factory, out of the hundreds available on the


We can make the following technologies available to you:




Plasma cutting

Electric arc associated to a ionized gas mixture


Laser cutting

4KW to 7 KW ray

Sheet thickness at a min 0,4 X diameter. Quick cutting.

Water jet cutting

6000-bar maxi pressure

600mm maxi thickness

Oxy-fuel cutting

Jet of pure under pressure oxygen

 0,2mm precision

MIG welding

Metal inert Gas

Easy to automate

MAG welding

Metal Active Gas

Easy to automate

TIG welding

Tungsten Inert Gas. Arc welding with non-melting electrode

Excellent visual quality, good accessibility.


Press cutting



Presses up to 600 tons

Hollow shapes

Lost-Wax casting

Waxen foundation sculpture as starting point

Very low surface roughness. Pot machining barely necessary. Limited size

Shell-mold casting

Pressure die-casting

Big series

Heavy casting


Up to several tones

Up to 5-axis CNC machining


Complex parts in one single launch. Small to big sizes.



Our factories are regularly resupplied by the major European steel producers, stainless steel (304L, 316L), aluminium, and various alloys.

We are well able to provide the material certificates according to the requirements of your final client.

Warning, if your material is very specific, it will be necessary to account for a small delay to put this in place.

Put our technologies to the test!

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