TechniSourcing optimizes your costs in sheet metal and fine sheet metal working

Thanks to their excellent capacity to invest, TechniSourcing partner factories use the latest generations of laser cutting machines Trumpf, Amada, Mazak…

TechniSourcing optimise votre tôlerie

Provide us with your plans in Autocad or Solidworks and our manufacturers will enter them in their cutting software and the result will be an infallible cut, optimized in terms of used materials and at a high speed for sheet metal and fine sheet metal making. 

With TechniSourcing you have the best technologies at Eastern European prices.


  • Laser cutting 4000 W to 7000W
  • A combination of punching and laser
  • Bending and molding (6 axis CNC)
  • Stamping up to 400 T
  • Automatic section debiting
  • Automated welding robots
  • Galvanisation, hot painting system, electrolytic coating
  • Assembling
  • Crimping
  • Stainless steel sheet metal making
  • Electric cabinets caissons
  • Chassis
  • Window case holders
  • Metal joinery
  • Food industry (lien inox)
  • Furniture
  • Railways
  • PLV.....
  • Refrigerated transportation
  • Public works material
  • Average and big series

Products and sheet metal making utilization

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