Highly accurate large-scale mechanical welding, post-machined chassis and frame welding

TechniSourcing specialising in highly accurate mechanical welding

Specialised factories, highly accurate equipment and experienced supervisors

After many years, and after having conducted a rigorous selection process based on experience, TechniSourcing has developed a regular and active partnership with 3 major players experienced in highly accurate large-scale mechanical welding.

Ranging from 2 to 100T per part, we are in a position to manage your project with an accuracy corresponding to level H7 or H8.

    • Post-machined mechanically welded machine frames
    • Post-machined mechanically welded machine chassis
    • Skids
    • Skid chassis
    • Mixers
    • Grinders
    • Tool plates
    • Valve bodies

Our factories are proven for the most demanding surface treatments (FROSIO certification, Hempel paint systems or equivalent for offshore applications, or not contaminable for nuclear applications, …).

The factory that we have selected for your project is validated by you upon a visit accompanied by us.

Regular quality checks with reports and photos are sent to you by our inspector, they are carried out according to your checklist. If you require it, these activities can be certified 3.1 by Veritas, Apave or TÜV.

CND methods of control: Penetrant Testing, X-rays, Magnetoscopy, Ultrasound, independent dimensional checking system in the factory, 3D laser tracker, …

Throughout the fabrication of the part, you will receive progress reports at regular intervals.

Just before the part is shipped, we perform a full inspection which is submitted to you for your validation.

Our factories are highly skilled in the packaging and organisation of exceptional transportation.

Thereby, TechniSourcing delivers you the exact component which conforms to your specifications, in the agreed time frame. Everything is taken care of!

Welding robotWelding robot
Machine framework 5Machine framework 5
Rapport de contrôle 253 Kilo bytes
Rapport d'avancement 340 Kilo bytes
Special machine framework 4 T Precision H8Special machine framework 4 T Precision H8
Tool shell 2TTool shell 2T
Chusher framework machined 11T precision H8Chusher framework machined 11T precision H8
Flowgate body 5TFlowgate body 5T
Machine framework 4Machine framework 4
Machine framework 3Machine framework 3
Machine framework 2Machine framework 2
Machine framework 1Machine framework 1